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PAWSitive Solutions! Canine Behavior Counseling started around 1996, when I was becoming involved in rescue work with St. Bernard Rescue... at the time, there were lots of us working in rescue individually, but we were only taking in owner-surrendered or shelter dogs, fostering them to try to soften the edges a bit, then placing them in homes if we could.  There wasn't any way to help people with the problems they were having with their dogs (and these are BIG dogs, so BIG problems!) before the point where the owner just gave up out of frustration, and gave the dog to a shelter or rescue.


About PAWSitive Solutions!
Canine Behavior Counseling

They started it.

Zoe & Cis started it all.

I wanted to find these owners BEFORE they got to the point where they gave up.  If they were willing to work with the dog, then I was willing to help them... and I offered my help for free, to owners who didn't really want to surrender their dog to rescue.  They often took the help.  At the very least, the dog got some intervention work prior to coming into rescue... sometimes, though, they would foster their dog until a placement could be found, working with me to help their dog be a better companion.  Sometimes, they learned that this stuff works, and the dog would stay with win-win!


I had adopted my first St. Bernard as a puppy... and it was hard.  Oh, it was fun too... but Cis was 39 pounds when I brought her home... at 7 weeks!!  And she was 'smallish'.  As she got older, she also had some behavior issues that took more than the 'normal' owner's wits to manage.  So, I started researching behavior and training online... I ended up working for several years on a dog behavior website where I was lucky enough to be schooled by Brandy Olliver, and I still thank her every day for making me think further than the mainstream. 


If texting and chatting doesn't get you 'over the hump', we can do a training session or 2... you'd be amazed at what you and your dog can pick up in that short amount of time!  And, if you'd like the opportunity to really get things rolling, a 1-week BoardNTrain program will really help me to see where you're having difficulty, and how to get you past it.  Dogs and humans are individuals... there aren't any

one-size-fits-all fixes.  But compassion and

humor will get us there.

Brenda R.


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