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During the Pandemic, I'm limiting exposure by doing as much work online or over the phone as is feasible... if you need help, text me or request a chat, or call and leave a voice mail. Questions that I think can be handled through chat, text, or phone will be handled that way... for free for the foreseeable future.  This will likely include most questions, because I think most issues are pretty basic.    ​

     ** This is the perfect opportunity to teach yourself, your hubby, your kids, your DOG how to respond in close quarters to simple social cues... how good manners become the default behavior.  And yes, your hubby and kids can learn this too.  Just ask!

If your question can't be handled thru text or phone (most can), we might choose to work through video (you video what's going on, and I'll help you figure out how to go about affecting change.)

When all else fails, and in more extreme situations, we'll consider working face-to-face.

We'll figure it out, together.

Brenda Rushman CBCC

Text Me For Help!!...
Brenda Rushman CBCC...


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