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On 3/16, I took Evie (Carly) back to the shelter for re-evaluation.  This was a very hard decision for me to make, and I'm not absolutely sure that I did the right thing... my husband keeps telling me to go back and get her, because I'm just so sad.  But I can't do it in good conscience, because my husband needs to be safe here, too.  He's not as focused on animals as I am,  but he supports my doing what I love to do.

Evie bit him.  It wasn't a level 1 or 2 like it had been with me... it was a Level 3, with a puncture.  It didn't require medical care, except to clean and bandage it (which I did).  She wasn't being mean, or aggressive.  She was playing.  We were working in the back yard, picking up brush from the storm.  It was warm and sunny, Evie on her tether as always (she hadn't graduated yet to being off lead in the back yard).  She was following us back and forth, as we picked up brush and added it to the pile... she bounced up and just bit him on the arm.  It happened right there in front of me... there was no mistaking what happened.  It would have been worse, but he had on a thick jacket.

She was playing, and her bite inhibition was NOTHING.  If she had been NOT playing, how bad would it have been?  That's the question I have to ask myself... because Evie's whole reason for being here was to teach her to be a companion for an average adoptive pet house.  My responsibilities lie just as much with the humans as with the canine in question... Evie will require a very special placement, with no children, and a very strict eye to her management and on-going training.  If you think about adopting her, I will send you my notes, and help you all I can... all you have to do is contact me.

I am heart-broken, but the workers at the shelter are re-evaluating Evie for possible placement in another foster or adoptive home.

3/19/22 I saw on the shelter's website that Evie was adopted... the photos look amazing, and I'm so happy for her.  I wish Evie and her new family all the best. 

Brenda R.


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