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9/30/21 Please note: Bitser has been in my home for a little over a month... She was here for about a week before I realized that she is entirely blind (actually, the vet had to tell me).  I thought she could at least see shadows, because of the way she responded to training... she seemed to "look" at me, she did really well going up and down steps, she never seemed to run into things, just skirted around them.  You can see, even in the early videos, that she always tilted her face toward me, with a happy look on her face.  Even now, it looks to me like she can see.  The little tricker.

There is a learning curve, even for us experts. lol


Notes about the preceding video: 

Cut-out fence section... I cut out a section of the x-pen to make it easier for me to just lift this girl in and out without opening the fence.  When she's out of it for more than a minute or 2, I completely open it to the kitchen, because she won't even attempt hopping over the shortened section.  This way, with the x-pen open, she always has access to the pee pad area.

The auto feeder... we are testing out the auto feeders, I'm not hopeful that they'll work for Bitser because of her bulging eyes.  The depth of the "dishes" in the feeders require her to shove her face into the individual bowls, and her eyes are showing signs of being poked and scraped.  At some point, her eyeballs will have to be removed just to keep her from disfiguring herself.

The pee pads... we've only started using the quilted fabric pads (pink in the video) today, and I've covered the suface with the white paper pee pads just to let her get used to the feel of the quilted ones.   I'll cover the entire surface of the quilted one with the paper ones for a few days, then I'll put 2 paper ones on it for a few days, then only 1 for a few days.  The final step, of course, is just the quilted pee ped without any paper pad on it.  At any time, if she pees somewhere besides the quilted or paper pee pads, I'll back up in the progression until she's getting it.

Brenda R.


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