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Become a Member  of the site!
Go to the Member bar, above  middle of the screen.  Click Login/Sign up, then either set up a new account, or use your FaceBook account to log in.  You should immediately be able to access the Member's Area.

   As a Member:   **Get notifications when new posts appear;
               **Post questions and info directly to me if you like;
               **Contact other Members  thru the chat boxes;
**Members have access to lots more articles;
               **You can schedule group chats to discuss animal stuff.
**Are you a member?  Click the 'Down Arrow' at the end of your name in the Member Login strip, above... an entire list of articles appears!  Then, click "Member Articles"... there's a whole page of behavior & training articles (including DIY Tran-At-Home articles), available only to members of the site!

Note: there is no charge to become a member of the site, and there is no charge to ask questions! Click the chat logo, below right (will translate for Spanish-speaking friends) or below left (the chat program that comes with the website)... you can click on the person you'd like to chat with, or even chat in a group by clicking several people!  If  you need help with something that requires a session or 2, we'll discuss it here, and you can decide.
Brenda R.


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