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Services I Offer

Text or call me (1-740-359-4422) to book a video chat, an in-person private training session, boarding, or drop-in sitting.  Read on to learn more about getting help!


Rescue or Shelter volunteers: if you work with rescue in any capacity, I'll work with you for free to train your dogs.  Priority is given to my fellow Foster Homes and Shelter Workers, and it includes online help, telephone or video chat help, and in-person help (either at the shelter or in your home.)  This also includes your personal animals and family, because that's how fostering works -- the animals are incorporated into your home, so that you can assess what they might need work with to make it in the 'real world'.  So, if you need help, contact me.


If you adopt from a rescue, I offer free online consultations via chat, Facebook Messenger) or the website Forum.  If I'm unable to help you resolve your issues this way, we can discuss meeting in person, or the remote video chat consult, charges outlined below.

If your pet will be in my care for *any* length of time, I'd appreciate your filling out this form ahead of time: Online Assessment Form


Pet Daycare Services (no training if you're only paying for Daycare services)... if you'd like training in addition, there is an additional charge of $40 per session.  So, if you're paying for 2 days of full-day Daycare, and 1 day of training, the base charge would be $80 for that week.  If your dog is a rescue, or altered, the training charge is reduced by 25%, so that total charge would be $70 for the week's 2 days of daycare + 1 training session.  Please ask about discounts available!

Doggie Daycare Rates do not include training UNLESS you request it:

Full-Day Rates (8 Hours)  $20.00

  • Each additional hour over 8 hours is $4.00/hr.

  • Space is limited.

  • You Must Call to check availability.

  • All dogs must be up-to-date with the following vaccines: bordetella, distemper, rabies

  • A boarding contract must be on file.

  • Call to find out about bulk purchase discounts!

Half-Day Rates (4 Hours)  $10.00

  • Each additional hour over 4 hours is $4.00/hr.

  • Space is limited.

  • You Must Call to check availability.

  • All dogs must be up-to-date with the following vaccines: bordetella, distemper, rabies

  • A boarding contract must be on file.

  • Call to find out about bulk purchase discounts! 

  • Ask about training sessions available with boarding, and discounts with this!

4-hour & 8-hour sessions every week or 2 (or even monthly!) are a perfect way to provide mental and emotional stimulation for your dog!

Pet Boarding Rates (no training with this, unless training is purchased)

Daily Rates (up to 24 hours including overnight)  Note: if you drop off at 6 p.m., you get up to 6 p.m. the next day at this rate, when there will be additional charges.

  • $30 per day, Call to find out about bulk purchase discounts!

Ask about a Multiple Dog Rate

If you want me to keep your dog for training (for example, while you're on vacation), here's 2 ways to do it:

**1 week BoardNTrain = $1300 for the week.  Your dog is the only dog here for the week, and it's full-immersion training, so he'd be trained all week, around the clock, no shared time.  Compare this to

**1 dog boarding for 1 week = $210 (no training included).  1 training session per day for this dog is $40 per session = $280 for the week.  Pick 3 behaviors that need attention, and those will be addressed most intensively for that week.  Total $490, but doesn't ensure that I won't have other dogs in boarding, or training.  Note that I won't train your dog for an hour at a time... the training times will be short in duration, just like I recommend you do at home, but it'll be an hour (or more) each day in total.  This also doesn't include sessions after the visit**.

BOARDING CONTRACT  this contract will need to be filled out and returned to me no later than date of service, along with payment for said services as agreed.

I will consider Drop-In pet sitting (some animals fare better in their own homes, with just a drop-in visit daily to feed, exercise, clean their area) on a case-by-case basis.  Contact Me about the details! Text Brenda at 740-359-4422

Most surrounding areas  up to 10 miles: $20 per visit

10-30 miles: $30 per visit  **No training included.

In-home training sessions :

I prefer this setting when working with owners & dogs, because it reduces the amount of stress endured by everyone.  This is the setting for people who don't want to learn all the ins-and-outs of training, and want to just do what needs done.  I'm more than happy to come to your home and design a training program that's geared toward easing your way in teaching manners and getting everyone involved.  My base rate for In-home Private Training is $40 per hour, if your dog is not a rescue AND not altered (spayed or neutered).  If your dog is a rescue AND is altered, it's $30 per hour.  Aggression necessitates a higher rate ($65 per hour) AND the dog MUST be altered.  I may also require certain testing be done to rule out possible underlying problems.

Telephone Instruction: (May also include video chat -- video chat must be scheduled)

There is a charge for this, $10 per 15-minute session.  This option caters more to those individuals who feel capable of applying the rules of training without hands-on teaching, or don't need someone to help them design management settings in their home.  This is an option that anyone can try out, you might surprise yourself with how easy this stuff is!  Contact Me to set up a time to talk!

NEW!!  BoardNTrain

How much fun is this?!  I have only your (paying) dog here (or your multiple dogs, if you wish), and I tailor this training to your specific goals (you tell ME), while keeping you directly updated on your dog’s progress on a daily basis with either a call or video.  This is a full immersion program that takes place in my home, where I maintain structure, and reinforce wanted behavior and potty training 24/7.  $1300 pays for the week, and guarantees that only your (paying) dog will be here!

Rescue Incentives

Rescue groups please call me for help!  I love working with rescue, and I'll do what I can to help with designing training programs to help with your fosters!  I will work for free with rescue groups with the dogs in your home, whether fostered or your personal dogs.  Blog or text me for more information! Brenda 740-359-4422

Non-rescue public:  if you adopt from a rescue or shelter (and your dog is spayed/neutered) you get 25% off on training sessions (this includes help with housetraining issues, introductions with existing pets and kids, all the big stuff!)  You also get free chat with me!

There are other discounts available too... Just ask me!

Brenda R.



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